Resume Writing and Cover Letters:

Creating an effective resume is essential in any job search strategy. I will help you develop an effective resume based on the jobs and industries you are looking to target. We will understand the skill sets desired by your target positions and make sure you are presenting those skills effectively and consicely. I will also help you construct impactful cover letters based on the audience you are looking to reach for targeted direct mail campaigns.

Mock Interviewing:

I will take you through an actual interview, asking you many of the behavioral questions you will be asked on an interview. This is taped and you can take the tape home and see how you performed. I will give you specific feedback and recommendations based on your performance.

Career Transition:

Undertaking a career transition to another industry or function is a process. I will take you through assessment to explore alternatives that are appealing to you and then give you actionable tasks to keep you moving toward your ultimate job. I will work with you each week or bi-weekly to make the change you have been wanting to make for a long time.

Fee Structure: Either phone or in-person meetings
  • One 30 minute session: $70.00
  • One 60 minute session: $120.00
  • Three 30 minute sessions:$200.00
  • Three 60 minute sessions:$350.00